Rachel Nicks
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Together we will sweat, stretch, cry, laugh, and challenge ourselves to create the change we deserve and desire. My goal is for you to learn and strengthen your mind, body, and spirit, empowering you to love yourself from the inside out and give you the power you need to achieve all of your goals.


Nothing beats the energy of a live Zoom class!

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On your own time. Your schedule, your workout.

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On your own time. Your schedule, your workout.



I had the gift of being a founding MIRROR trainer and lululemon ambassador and of working at the top boutique fitness gyms in NYC for the past 12 years. I was represented by Wilhelmina models and enjoyed a chapter as a fitness model including being on the cover of Women’s Health Magazine and being Nike trainer. I have gained invaluable knowledge with more than a decade in this field. In 2023 I made the decision to commit to being the CEO of my life. I am excited to have more time pour into my boys, expand my nonprofit Birth Queen and launch my own classes and workshops. This year is all about ME doing ME to the fullest without the limitations or fear.

I have prioritized filling my toolbox to enable me to meet my students where they are in their journey and help them achieve their goals. I look forward to having you in my class. Everyone is welcome. All genders. All Ages. We will challenge and achieve together.

xx Rachel


I just finished a PP workout (7 weeks PP) and wanted to reach out to tell you that I consistently did your prenatal strength workouts and lots of pelvic floor exercises and I was able to push my little boy out in 30 minutes avoiding a C-section because he was in distress! Lots of compliments from the doctors and nurses on my pelvic floor strength. My husband was even impressed. All that to say THANK YOU for preparing me for what I didn't even know helped my little boy arrive in this world safely.


THANK YOU! I took your prenatal classes and they paid off. I just delivered my first child 3 weeks ago and only pushed for 50 minutes thanks to your classes and “practice for pushing” The doctor even asked me if I was an athlete or trained. I told her about your program and she said she is going to start recommending it to her patients. Thanks again for all of your passion and support for mamas! I can't wait for clearance to start working out with you again.


I just wanted to reach out and say thanks so much for doing that 30 min stretch class. I have been having back pain every time I play golf and almost quit after years of playing because nothing would fix it. Been to PT and chiropractor and everything. Even dry needling. Once I started that class everything went away. I do it now 2-3 times a week after I'm good and warm. I am an amputee so certain classes I Can't do all, some I can push through. This class I was able to do it all. So thank you so much!


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